In the early 1980's the principals of Thermo Vac set out to develop a dependable adhesive system that could be used to attach high alumina ceramic to dynamic parts. After achieving initial success on fan blades and other dynamic applications we adapted this technology to a broad range of static applications. The strength of the bond and the consistency of the process make it our most widely used method.

Vacuum bonding is an advanced bonding technology that combines specialty adhesives, wear or corrosion resistant materials and controlled processing.

Applications which require high reliability, high impact resistance and wear protection are ideal candidates for vacuum bonding solutions. Vacuum bonding has been refined by Thermo Vac into a state of the art technology that gives bonding strengths which can never be achieved with standard adhesives.

This system provides bond strengths that exceed 6000 PSI tensile and 4000 PSI shear which enable unparalleled performance on dynamic parts. Special care needs to be taken on applications over 400 degrees F. Vacuum bonding enables the use of smaller cross sections of tile which dramatically increases impact resistance.

Vacuum bonding makes it easy to conform the lining to complex shapes. This has opened opportunities to line parts that we were previously unable to do. Vacuum bonding is not limited to the attachment of alumina ceramic to steel. It can be used to attach any dissimilar materials.

Valuable features of vacuum bonded materials are:

  • Increased impact resistance of wear resistant ceramics
  • Unparalleled performance in dynamic applications
  • Extremely high sheer strengths
  • Proven performance in light weight designs with ceramic linings as thin as 1/8 inch thick
  • Existing equipment and complex shapes are lined without redesign
  • Bonded linings can be machined to fit tolerances
  • Extremely high reliability in critical moving applications

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