Thermo Vac’s exclusive vacuum bonding system is our very best. The strength of the bond and the consistency of the process make it or most widely used method. This system involves the application of pressure during the curing process and provides bond strengths that exceed 6000 PSI tensile and 4000 PSI shear. Special care needs to be taken on applications over 400 degrees F. Vacuum bonding greatly increases the impact resistance of most wear materials.

More detailed information on Vacuum Bonding.

Mechanical Attachment
Weldable clips or interlocking shapes can be used with most wear materials. The combination of standard adhesives and mechanical attachment provides a cost effective system for medium to low impact applications. This system also works well in higher temperature applications.

Brazing is used to attach tungsten carbide to steel substrates. Very high bond strengths are achieved. 40,000 to 70,000 PSI tensile and 25,000 PSI shear. It has full bond strength at 1000 degrees F. Excellent impact resistance.

Standard Adhesives
RTV Silicone / Two Part Epoxies
Used in low stress applications, usually with mechanically attached materials. Normal maximum strengths are 1000 PSI tensile and 800 PSI shear. RTV is used in temperatures up to 550 degrees F. Epoxy is used in temperatures up to 150 degrees F.

High Temperature Mortar
Mainly used in the installation of keyed in linings in coal pipe and burner applications.  A silicate based mortar that withstands temperatures up to 1800 F.  




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